Kanchan is informed by Preesha that she treated Prem extremely harshly on August 31, Yeh Hai Chahatein.

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In the current episode, when Rudra asks Vanshika to buy the artificial eyebrows, she responds that MK is out of town, which worries him and prompts him to beg her to locate another location. Kanchan asks Roohi what the hold-up with Prem is. She makes the speculative claim that he may have gone to collect useful fertilizers, such as cow manure. Kanchan is furious and demands to know why he let her favorite plant die, but he replies that it was brought from Mauritius. Digvijay and Armaan tell her to move away because Prem could jump on her again. Preesha queries when she gets there if it is true. Kanchan answers, “Yes.”

Vidyut gives Rudra instructions to use power on his eyebrows to make them seem white. Rudra claims that due to the difference in his eyebrows, Amraan will catch him. As they begin to panic, Vanshika shows up and offers him false eyebrows. Rudra is yelled at by Kanchan as he departs, asking him to explain why he let her plant die and announcing his firing for being unable to do his job. He receives an apology from Kanchan on behalf of Preesha. The following day, Preesha acknowledges to Kanchan that she had been harsh with Prem. When Prem brings a pot, Kanchan is relieved to find her flowerpot alone and wonders how this happened.

Before revealing his upcoming departure, Prem claims to have a plethora of expertise and works some of his gardening magic. Armaan agrees and says that he is going freely this time. Preesha wants Prem to quit, but Kanchan asks him to remain. Prem nods in agreement and recalls telling Roohi that it would be best if he went since he couldn’t get Preesha to recall the past without endangering her. He consented to stay, and Roohi requested that Vanshika substitute the identical plant in its place.

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