Putin Will Give 1 Million Rubles to Women Who birth 10 Kids to Revive Population With Some Condition

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Faced with an unsettling decrease in Russia’s populace, President Vladimir Putin resuscitated for the current week a Soviet-time grant laid out in 1944 to urge Russians to grow their families, said reports.

The “Mother Heroine” grant, declared in a pronouncement on Monday, is given to ladies who have at least ten youngsters, offering monetary impetuses as well as friendly acknowledgment with an end goal to spike populace development, The Washington Post revealed.

As per Russian media, Joseph Stalin laid out the privileged decoration in the Soviet Union and granted it to around 400,000 residents. The restored grant will give Russian residents a one-time installment of 1,000,000 rubles ($16,500) after their 10th youngster turns one year old — yet provided that the other nine kids get by.

The decoration made no notice of the Ukrainian conflict, the report said.

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