Season 10 of “Goldbergs” will see Jeff Garlin’s character killed off due to a set conduct scandal. reports

Garlin quit the sitcom last year after being accused of wrongdoing on set.

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The co-showrunners of “The Goldbergs,” Chris Bishop and Alex Barnow, said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that Jeff Garlin’s character will be killed off once the actor leaves the show.

The actor didn’t have any creative control over what happened to his character, despite earlier telling Vanity Fair’s Maureen Ryan that he had “not been dismissed from The Goldbergs.” Barnow stated, “I spoke with Jeff, and he is aware that he is not being replaced. The response to that inquiry would be, “The fact is, I don’t know if he understands what his fate is, but I’m guessing he knows. He wouldn’t have any precise clarification on it as we haven’t spoken since the beginning of writing.

Following charges of impropriety on set, the 60-year-old actor and comedian quit the ABC family sitcom in December.

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When the 10th season of the programme debuts on Sept. 21, Murray Goldberg’s character will have been deceased for “several months,” and his family will have have grieved, according to the co-showrunners.

This will be a family that has coped with a lot of it but hasn’t yet accepted that their father is gone, according to Barnow.

An inquiry for comment was not promptly answered by Garlin’s representative.

He addressed the accusations against him in an interview with Vanity Fair around the time he left The Goldbergs, and he acknowledged he had been the subject of an HR inquiry for some time. Garlin said the problem was about “a joke that was utterly missed,” and denied that a reported altercation with a stand-in ever turned violent (he added that he apologised afterward). Garlin responded when challenged about claims that he made individuals feel uneasy by embracing and caressing them: “If I embrace someone and they feel uneasy because of it, they have every right to go to HR. However, HR has never mentioned hugs to me. So that everyone is clear on that

Garlin was also questioned over a text message he reportedly sent to a Goldbergs employee urging them to attend.

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