The Raiders’ Strategy help’s keep them Undefeated in the Preseason.

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The Las Vegas Raiders possibly managed with a success in Miami, and stay undefeated in the preseason.

The game was a nearby experience for the total of the term, with the two groups taking enormous swings at one another late. Subsequent to retaking the lead late in the final quarter, a missed field objective from Dolphins kicker Jason Sanders secured the 15-13 win for the Silver and Black.

“I thought our folks contended. We came here for one reason and that was to attempt to improve,” Head Coach Josh McDaniels said. “Contend with a decent football crew, which is what they are.

“They’re all around trained. They make it hard on you. It’s difficult, they be super useful things and challenge you with their plan, challenge you with their players. Our anxiety was simply attempting to take care of our business all that could be expected and I thought our folks attempted to do that.”

In the low scoring undertaking, safeguard meant the world. While the Raiders’ given up more than 300 yards in the air, their run safeguard was something else entirely.

The Silver and Black’s guard surrendered just 37 surging yards to the Dolphins, a major variable behind their success. Being forceful against the run is something that McDaniels said he was enthused about this week practically speaking.


The prevailing run guard for the Raiders was driven by protective lineman Tashawn Bower. He captured everyone’s attention with five all out handles, two TFLs and a sack. Nook has turned into a Training Camp champion for the Raiders, coming to the group after two seasons with McDaniels in New England (2020-21).

“Actual person. It’s not my most memorable year being around Tashawn. He loves to play football,” said McDaniels. “He’s taking care of his business the correct way. He’s setting a genuine model for the manner in which we need to attempt to play on the edge with his chances. He’s hurried the quarterback; he utilized some power this evening. A ton of those folks turned out to be useful things this evening, played with a few rawness up there and he’s unquestionably one of them.”

Nook affirmed his mentor’s way of thinking on expected to stop the go against the Dolphins, as he and his partners adopted an intense strategy to it making a beeline for the game.

“At my situation, it’s a great deal of a similar interaction,” Bower said. “You trust your eyes, you let the blockers let you know where he will go and you simply stay trained in your task. With halting the run, it’s confiding in your eyes.

“Having your vision and your objective and being physical at the place of assault – that is continuously going to be a mark of accentuation. In the event that you don’t stop the run, in any group, they will toss the ball and they will have their direction.”


The Raiders have two practices and a preseason game left of Training Camp, which will all be against McDaniels’ previous group: the New England Patriots. However, for the present, he’ll invest heavily in one more preseason W prior to auditing the film and returning to work.

“I thought our folks gave an extraordinary exertion,” said McDaniels. “It positively was flawed. We have a ton of things we can improve and a great deal of things we can gain from this film, yet I value the work without a doubt.”

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