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Not Many movies cross the 3 hour marks these are the best of those film 

it's got some great shorts too,Showing out the country side and far flung places between the mid west and california


It's mad mad mad mad world

The script is based on a book by alex haley, The autobiography of malcom-x to whome the movie is dedicated



Movies about Astronouts and dramatic launches,awesom orbits,and exiting landings


The right Stuff

The formula for dance with wolf worked so well it been copied numerous time since


Dance with Wolves

It's a fictional story but historically accurate in the sense that it includes real people like Pontius Pilate trying to solve the social issue



The Wolf of Wall Street did a little too much to glamorize Jordan belfort's behaviour as he committed fraud cheated countless people out of millions


The wolf of Wall Street

This film is experienceing a moratorium of sports at the moment and for good reason


Gone with the wind

The movie come after the first to godfather movies so it had a lot to live up to but it hold it's place in history


Once upon a tme in America

Lawrence of Arabia is a heavy dramatization of real event that easily fills up it's 3 hour and for 8 minutes of runtime


Lawrence of Arabia

The movies did't exactly have rave reviews,either the planity  bickering over fat Thor and black widow ultimate fate


Avengers:  EndGame

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