What Inside Armie Hammer's Family Secret ?

The Most Shocking Revelations About Armie Hammer and His Family

1.Armie Hammer allegedly sent women messages about cannibalism and rape.

2. Armie Hammer allegedly had a routine that he used with his accusers.

3. Armie Hammer's great-grandfather Armand was extremely controlling of everyone in his life.

4. Julian Hammer was accused of physically abusing his wife and having orgies with underage girls.

5. Julian Hammer was accused of literally getting away with murder

6.Julian Hammer got engaged to a housekeeper, then tried controlling her.

7. Julian and brother Michael Hammer allegedly fought over a girlfriend

8. One of Armie Hammer's former coworkers says he was controlling

9. Armand Hammer is accused of using Prince Charles to rehabilitate his reputation.

10. Armand Hammer wasn't quite as rich as his family thought he was.

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