6 way to avoid pimples and acne


By cleaning your face twice a day you can help to remove Excess oil and dirt from skin . sweat, oil and dirt are some of the major reason behind skin

Wash Your Face Daily

Refrain Your Harsh scrubbing

Some people scrub their skin with wash clothes or rough clothes pad this could aggravate acne break out by irritating and inflaming the skin avoid them

Keep Your Hair Clean

Acne may become more severe if excess hair oil or dandruff Richards your face washing your hair frequently may help to prevent acne

Squeezing a pimple could lead to scars and further irritation

Refrain popping pimples

Consider Tropical Retinoids

To treat and prevent acne, dermatologist recommended topical retinoid containing medication. Faster skin cell production and shedding help to prevent pore blockage

The skin is severely harmed by excessive sun exposure the over production of oils brought on by sunburn might exacerbate  acne

Wear Sunscream going outdoor

Acne can be controlled by routinely and gently cleaning the skin choosing skin care product wisely and avoiding contact with all

Choose Product Wisely


If none of these method show improvement in 6 to 8 weeks see a dermatologist for further recommendations1