The new iphone Event will Start at 10 pm IST on 7 sept.

we'r axcepting 4 new iphones in 6.1 and 6.7-inches sizes

The iPhone 14 Max will replace the ‘mini’ model..??

Some iPhone 14 models may use the old A15 Bionic chipset

Good-bye notch, hello hole-punch display

Good-bye notch, hello hole-punch display

Display: iphone 14 pro and max to be capabale of dropping low of 1 hz display

High-end front-facing camera with auto-focus for the iPhone 14 lineup

Finally, a larger 48MP camera sensor The bigger the sensor, the more light it can gather

The 48MP camera system will increase the diagonal length of camera bump to 33% and height will increase by about 10 per cent

cramming the highest-resolution sensor takes more space in a device as small as a smartphone.

 The new LPTO display not only helps conserve energy while the display is powered on but also brings variable refresh rates

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