Last surviving member of The Monkees, suing  FBI

Large Radish

Micky Dolenz, the sole surviving member of the famous 1960s made-for-TV pop band

Large Radish

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is being sued by Micky Dolenz

The Monkees, seeking documents proving that it was keeping tabs on the group.


The heavily redacted  file from 1967, first reported on by  Rolling Stone 


the FBI was investigating the band for allegedly spreading anti-Vietnam war messaging during their shows 


"...During the concert, subliminal messages were depicted on the screen, which...constituted left wing innovations of a political nature..."


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The Monkees existed in a very tumultuous period of time in the United States

they came to the world's attention in 1966 or so, when we were in Vietnam

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The group had four albums hit number one in 1967

CBSLA reached out to the Department of Justice