Real Story behind watchers

The Watcher story was Published in New York Magazine in November 2018

it's the tale of 657 Boulevard, a Westfield, New Jersey address that was stalked by a mysterious stranger

“The Watcher” is the kind of thing that would have been a network TV Movie of the Week in the ‘70s or ‘80s, 

The first couple episodes of “The Watcher” set it up almost as a riff on “The Shining” or “The Amityville Horror”

It’s an interesting approach to this true story in that it becomes about vulnerability, especially the kind that erodes traditional male roles

The true story of “The Watcher” is a haunting one because of the primal fears it taps into

All of these themes or commonly shared fears could have been applied to the story of 657 Boulevard

The Watcher” is made by people who don’t trust their audience

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