which costume are you going to wear  this halloween ?


Sometimes finding the perfect Halloween costume boils down to something 


Your days of uncomfortable Halloween costumes are over 


There are 5 Squid Game costume that you should defenetely try this halloween

This tracksuit is super comfortable, you can pair with white sneakers

Squid Game Contestant


The bright yellow shirt with the matching orange skater dress gives big Red Light, Green Light energy

Squid Game Doll


Redjumpers as well as full face masks that are instantly recognizable by their shapes

Squid Game Staffer


 A killer Front Man-inspired mask as well as the mysterious, hooded coat that'll warm as you venture out on the night of Halloween.

The Front Man


VIPs wear a variety of boujee outfits, so anything in your closet that's embroidered, luxurious, or formal will do

The VIPs  


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