Whoever doing good work is stopped: Arvind Kejriwal on CBI raid at Manish Sisodia’s home

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal took to Twitter to help his representative Manish Sisodia after a CBI group arrived at his home on Friday.

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1.Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal upheld his representative Manish Sisoda after CBI strikes his home
2.CBI has attacked the home of Manish Sisodia with respect to the concentrate technique line
3.Sisodia said he will organize the assessment

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal stretched out his help to his delegate Manish Sisodia after a Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) group arrived at his home on Friday morning.

Taking to Twitter, CM Kejriwal said, “The day when the Delhi instruction model was commended and Manish Sisodia’s image imprinted on the first page of America’s biggest paper NYT, around the same time, the Center sent CBI to his home”.

The CBI took a gander at Manish Sisodia’s home in Delhi and 31 distinct regions across seven states. The compulsory consent for enlisting a pollution case was given by Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena.

Kejriwal added, “Welcome to CBI. Will coordinate completely. There have been many tests/attacks in the past also. Nothing emerged. As yet nothing will emerge”.

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The Delhi CM, in another tweet, said that in the last 75 years, whoever has tried to do good work, has been stopped.

The CBI has struck the home of Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia in regards to the concentrate procedure line. Look are moreover being driven across 20 regions in the National Capital Region.

In the meantime, Manish Sisodia has tweeted refuting all cases and said that he will assist the assessment. Sisodia said unfortunately individuals who act in the country are irritated along these lines.


From September
1, Delhi will get back to the old concentrate framework for a long while. Following a tremendous conversation over its new liquor guideline, the AAP government in the public capital decided to bring back the old concentrate procedure under which there are no secret players in the piece.

The concentrate system under which the classified liquor conveys are at present being run in the city arrives at a resolution on August 31, nine months after it was executed. Starting September 1, just Delhi government associations will be allowed to run retail liquor shops.

The new methodology had completely adjusted how liquor was sold in the public capital with the public power pulling out from the retail business and permitting classified players to oversee everything. It in like manner introduced cutoff points, limits and one notwithstanding one proposition at a deal of alcohol.

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